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Albania - United States Department of State

The United States established diplomatic relations with Albania in 1922, following its 1912 independence from the Ottoman Empire. U.S.-Albanian diplomatic relations were ended in 1939 due to Albania’s occupation by Italy (1939-43) and Germany (1943-44) during World War II.

Fun Facts about Albania - WorldAtlas

Albania is a small country in Southern Europe.The country’s capital is Tirana, and it is Albania's largest city with 800,000 inhabitants. The official language of Albania is Albanian, and the country’s dialling code is 355. The country has very interesting statistics and facts unknown to most people.

Albania country profile - BBC News

Albania is a small, mountainous country in the Balkan peninsula, with a long Adriatic and Ionian coastline. Along with neighbouring and mainly Albanian-inhabited Kosovo, it has a Muslim majority ...

Albania – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Albania (Albanian: Shqipëria) is a country in the Balkans with unspoiled beaches, mountainous landscapes, traditional cuisine, archaeological artifacts, unique traditions, low prices and the wild atmosphere of the countryside. The country has an extensive archaeological heritage; it was part of Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire until its first declaration of independence ...

11 Things to Know Before Travelling to Albania

Albania is an amazing country, that’s true, but one of the best things about travelling to the land of the eagles is that wherever you go, from the capital city to the Riviera, from the mountains to the historical towns, you are going to be welcomed by the locals. Albania is one of the friendliest countries you’ll visit in your life. So, if you are travelling to Albania, don’t be afraid ...

COVID-19 Information | U.S. Embassy in Albania

Albania has confirmed more than 88,500 cases of COVID-19 within its borders. Commercial flights returned to Albania on June 15, 2020. As of December 22, the Albanian government suspended all flights to and from Great Britain until further notice. Lufthansa and Austrian Air continue with reduced weekly flights to/from Tirana until further notice.

29 Important Facts About Albania - The Fact File

Albania provides free primary and secondary education. 7. Albania is an upper middle-income economy. The service sector dominates the country’s economy, followed by the industrial and agricultural sectors. 8. “Shqipëri” is the name given to Albania by its people. 9. The eagle is the national and ethnic symbol of the Albanians.

Culture of Albania - history, people, traditions, women ...

The international terms "Albania" and "Albanian" are based on the root *alb- , *arb- , which also is the source of the word Arberesh , which is used to describe the Italo-Albanians of southern Italy.That root also appears as *lab- in Labëria , referring to the southern Albanian region from Vlorë southward to the Greek border, and *rab- in early Slavic, as in raban , rabanski ("Albanian").

Albania - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The ...

Albania protests: Smoke bombs and firecrackers thrown at police. News. Tanzania to ban plastic bags in bid to tackle pollution. Europe. Guests kick, slap and throttle each other during TV interview.

Enver Hoxha - Wikipedia

Enver Hoxha (/ ˈ h ɒ dʒ ə / HOJ-ə, Albanian: [ɛnˈvɛɾ ˈhɔdʒa] (); 16 October 1908 – 11 April 1985) was an Albanian politician who served as the First Secretary of the Party of Labour of Albania, from 1941 until his death in 1985.He was also a member of Politburo of the Party of Labour of Albania, chairman of the Democratic Front of Albania, commander-in-chief of the armed forces ...

United Nations in Albania

Tirana, Albania Tel: +355 (4) 2250205, 2250224 Fax: +355 (4) 2250286, 2250289 Follow us in facebook. Follow us in instagram. Follow us in twitter. Follow us in youtube. United Nations

Albania - Wiktionary

Inflection of Albania (Kotus type 12/kulkija, no gradation) nominative Albania — genitive Albanian — partitive Albaniaa — illative Albaniaan — singular plural nominative Albania — accusative nom. Albania — gen. Albanian: genitive Albanian — partitive Albaniaa — inessive Albaniassa — elative Albaniasta — illative Albaniaan ...

Albania | World Vision International

In Albania, 70% of children report to have experienced at least one type of violence in the last year. 80% of parents affirm to have used physical punishment to discipline their children. World Vision believes that violence against children is a disruption of life we desire for every child.

Albania Travel Advice & Safety | Smartraveller

Albania may experience severe weather from December to February. Severe weather can cause flooding, particularly in northern Albania. It may also disrupt local travel and transport services. Earthquakes. Earth tremors are common. Serious earthquakes are less common. Serious earthquakes can cause: landslides or avalanches

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