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Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Constitution of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (PDF) US Government Reports. United States Commission on International Religious Freedom Respecting Rights? Measuring the World’s Blasphemy Laws – July 2017 (PDF) Foreign Government Reports. Australian Migration Review Tribunal - Refugee Review Tribunal JOR38422 - March 2011 (PDF)

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Abdullah, became the amir of Transjordan in 1921 and king of Jordan in 1946, and whose descendants continue to rule the kingdom known ever since as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Faisal, briefly proclaimed King of the Arab Kingdom of Syria in 1920, became King of Iraq in 1921.

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is an upper middle-income country with a population of 7.3 million and a per capita GDP of US$ 5,678 in 2017. The country has limited agricultural land and extremely scarce water resources. Jordan's natural resources are potash and phosphate. Education and literacy rates and measures of social well-being are above the average compared to other countries with ...

Jordan - Transjordan, the Hāshimite Kingdom, and the ...

Jordan - Jordan - Transjordan, the Hāshimite Kingdom, and the Palestine war: During World War I the Arabs joined the British against the Ottomans. In a revolt of 1916, in which they were assisted by Colonel T.E. Lawrence, the Arabs severed the Hejaz Railway. In July 1917 the army of Prince Fayṣal ibn Husayn (of the Hāshimite [or Hashemite] dynasty) captured Al-ʿAqabah, and by October 1918 ...

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Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. ... "الله، الوطن، الملك" Al-Lāh, Al-Waṭan, Al-Malik. Anthem: The Royal Anthem of Jordan السلام الملكي الأردني ...

Overview of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Legal System ...

Overview of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Legal System and Research . By Bianca C. Isaias and Fred Jennings . Bianca C. Isaias is a second-year law student at NYU School of Law. She is a 2013 International Law and Human Rights fellow with NYU’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice. As part of her fellowship, she worked as an intern with the United Nations High Commissioner for ...

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Jordan, already home to a large number of Palestinian refugees, has now taken in more Syrian and Iraqi refugees than nearly any other country. As a result, its population has increased drastically, straining some resources. But Jordan is a Hashemite kingdom, committed to Hashim’s values.

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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a stable oasis in the Middle East, and its government often plays the role of mediator between neighboring countries and factions. Jordan came into being in the 20th century as part of the French and British division of the Arabian Peninsula; Jordan became a British Mandate under the UN's approval until 1946 ...

10 Piastres coin Jordan - Exchange yours for cash today

The Central Bank of Jordan started issuing these 0.1 Jordanian Dinar coins in 2000. They are currently still in circulation. The ten piastres coin from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has a value equivalent to 0.10 Jordanian dinars. The portrait on the 10 piastres coin is that of King Abdullah II of Jordan. Do you have a 10 Piastres coin Jordan?


In December 1948, Abdullah took the title of King of Jordan and in April 1949 he directed that the official name of the country-- East Bank and West Bank--be changed to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a name found in the 1946 constitution but not until then in common use.

54 Id 55 Id 56 The Beijing Rules supra n 8 at 11 57 ...

54 Id. 55 Id. 56 The Beijing Rules, supra n. 8, at ¶ 11. 57 Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Penal Code, law No. 52 of 2002. 8 Jordanian law and institutions. The training and the manuals provide the first step towards a specialized system for juvenile justice.

Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Tokyo, Japan

November 13th, 2020 “Lest We Forget” Exhibition The Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan cordially invites you to “Lest We Forget” Exhibition featuring selected works by Pulitzer Prize winner…

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Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Entity featured on Fitch Ratings. Credit Ratings, Research and Analysis for the global capital markets.

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