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Middle East :: Iran — The World Factbook - Central ...

In southwestern Iran, roughly 650 km (400 mi) south of the capital city of Tehran, and some 70 km (40 mi) northeast of Shiraz, a cultivated plain gives way to the Zagros Mountains.

Iran - BBC News

Iran plane crash: Ukraine airline chief welcomes Iranian admission The president of Ukraine International Airlines welcomes Iran's admission it "unintentionally" shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet.

Iran - definition of Iran by The Free Dictionary

Iran I·ran (ĭ-răn′, ĭ-rän′, ī-răn′) Formerly Per·sia (pûr′zhə, -shə) A country of southwest Asia. Inhabited since c. 2000 bc by Iranian peoples, the region later became the core of the Persian Empire. After being conquered by Alexander the Great and ruled by the Parthian Arsacid dynasty, Persia was reestablished under the Sassanian ...

Iran news on live map in English - Conflict in the Gulf ...

Khamenei: Iran & Qatar's economic ties should grow, as their political ties have. Of course some, specially those in region from other side of the world, don't favor closer ties between region's countries.

Iran News | The Jerusalem Post

Iran News The Islamic Republic of Iran today is a Shiite Islamic republic with a Sunni minority under a theocratic regime which is ruled by President Hassan Rouhani since 2013.

NewsNow: Iran news | Breaking News & Search 24/7

Read the latest Iran headlines, on NewsNow: the one-stop shop for Iran news

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Iran Music from Simaye Azadi, Iranian National Resistance Television (

US-Iran relations: A brief history - BBC News

From the CIA-orchestrated overthrow of Iran's prime minister in 1953, to tension and confrontation under President Trump, a look back over more than 65 years of tricky relations between Iran and ...


IRGC: Iran missile attack sought to damage US war machine . InfoClips. Ukrainian passenger plane crashes near Tehran, killing all on board. InfoClips. Iranians react to missile attacks against US bases. InfoClips. The man who won hearts and minds, and liberated lands. InfoClips.

Noticias sobre Irán | EL PAÍS

· El presidente de EE UU, Donald Trump, dice que sigue "evaluando la respuesta" al ataque · El líder supremo de Irán, Ali Jamenei, sobre el bombardeo: “No es suficiente.

Iran: Latest News, Videos and Iran Photos | Times of India

2020-01-09T16:46:36Z. The crew of a Ukrainian jetliner that crashed in Iran, killing all 176 people on board, never made a radio call for help and were trying to turn back for the airport when the ...

2019 Iran Military Strength

Detailing the current military strength of Iran including air force, army, navy, financials and manpower.

Iran | World | The Guardian

The tangle of personal interests, narcissism and Twitter outbursts that define Donald Trump’s approach barely deserve the name of ‘foreign policy’

Írán – Wikipedie

Írán, úředně Íránská islámská republika (persky ایران ‎‎, původně Árjan, neboli země Árjů) je stát v Přední Asii.Dřívější název Persie, užívaný především v západním světě, se oficiálně přestal používat od roku 1935.Na západě Írán sousedí s Irákem (), na severozápadě s Tureckem, Arménií a Ázerbájdžánem, na severu s Turkmenistánem ...

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