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Sierra Leone - United States Department of State

Sierra Leone’s positive trajectory was interrupted in May 2014 when the deadly Ebola epidemic struck and quickly overtook the country’s fragile health care system. The outbreak was declared contained in November 2015. Since, the government launched an ambitious recovery plan that has received significant donor support.

Sierra Leone - The New York Times

Sierra Leone canceled a $300 million airport loan. Then its president changed his tone. Across the continent, Beijing’s money often proves irresistible. By Dionne Searcey and Jaime Yaya Barry.

Sierra Leone - BBC News

Sierra Leone, which is among the world's poorest countries, has recorded nearly 1,500 coronavirus cases with 60 deaths. Of the virus cases, 160 have been health workers.

History of Sierra Leone - Wikipedia

Sierra Leone retained a parliamentary system of government and was a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. In May 1962, Sierra Leone held its first general election as an independent nation. The Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) won plurality of seats in parliament and Sir Milton Margai was re-elected as prime minister.

Sierra Leone | WHO | Regional Office for Africa

Sierra Leone has a huge substance abuse problem where substances such as alcohol, tobacco and sedatives, are widely used. About 90% of admissions to the country’s only psychiatric hospital are due to drug and alcohol related illnesses. Sierra Leone has only three drug rehabilitation centres: two located in Freetown and one in Kenema.

Sierra Leone - Forbes

Sierra Leone is extremely poor and nearly half of the working-age population engages in subsistence agriculture. The country possesses substantial mineral, agricultural, and fishery resources, but ...

CDC Global Health - Sierra Leone

A CDC country office was established in Sierra Leone in 2015, focusing on global health security and Ebola response. CDC works closely with Sierra Leone on strengthening laboratory, surveillance, emergency management, and workforce capacity to respond to disease outbreaks.

Sierra Leone country profile - BBC News

Sierra Leone has experienced substantial economic growth in recent years, although the ruinous effects of the civil war continue to be felt. The country is also rich in diamonds and other minerals ...

Sierra Leone Newspapers : Sierra Leone News Sites

Sierra Leone Newspapers Online. List of Sierra Leone newspapers and magazines for news and information on sports, tourism, travel, jobs, education, economy, lifestyles and business. Sierra Leone newspapers, news sites and magazines. Awoko. Leading newspaper published in Sierra Leone. The newspaper includes in-depth articles about politics ...

Sierra Leone News. Awoko Newspaper - The most reliable ...

Awoko Newspaper website is Sierra Leone most reliable and up to date news delivery website for Sierra Leone News. Awoko Newspaper was born out of the desire to present accurate and up to date news to the people of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Daily News Updates | Sierra Leone News.Net

Read late breaking news from Sierra Leone, including stories from the capital Freetown, and other major cities such as Kenema, Bo, Makeni, and Koidu Town. Sierra Leone News.Net is a long established news site founded in 1999.

COVID-19 Information | U.S. Embassy in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone COVID-19 Information (updated July 10, 2020) Country Specific Information As of July 9, the Government of Sierra Leone has confirmed 1,598 cases of COVID-19 and 63 deaths within its borders. The government has lifted the prior restrictions on inter-district travel and the mandatory curfew has been shortened. Curfew hours now extend from 11:00 ...

Sierra Leone -- Home -

Sierra Leone: Team Europe Initiative Launches Le 16.5 Billion to Support Convid-19 Response (Concord) Sierra Leone: Deputy IG, Others Tour Don Bosco's New Facilities (Concord)

Africa :: Sierra Leone — The World Factbook - Central ...

Sierra Leone has been a source of and destination for refugees. Sierra Leone’s civil war internally displaced as many as 2 million people, or almost half the population, and forced almost another half million to seek refuge in neighboring countries (370,000 Sierra Leoneans fled to Guinea and 120,000 to Liberia).

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